This plugin for Photoshop will generate a video sequence of animated glitch effects from your images, logos and artworks. 
The process is automatic and simple, it requires just a few clicks to start (the video tutorial will explain each step). 

This is the second edition of the Animated Glitch plugin (link to Animated Glitch 1) and this version focuses more on chromatic aberrations, dithering and digital interferences. Basically more flashy colors and detailed effects. The two editions can be used together. The download link is at the bottom of the page, hope you like it!

(The animated examples below could take a few seconds to load)​​​​​​​

Open an image in Photoshop, load the action and run it. Photoshop will automatically process the image and in just a few minutes render the glitch animation.


At the end of the playback, you can make lots of variations to the output in a very smooth and intuitive way. 
Each effect is packed into a small clip, this way the Layers Panel and the Timeline of Photoshop can be used as a mixer to move, tune and blend these effects together. The editing capabilities are very high and each consecutive playback will give a slightly different result, giving you the possibility to create unique works each time.


Then save the file as a normal still image, animated gif or a video! There are plenty of uses for this action, from the creation of low resolution content like gif banners to high resolution content like artworks and HD animations. 

Here are two variations of the original animation and some still frames of it.


Here is an example of a transition. The action was applied separately on the two source elements, then the two clips were edited together in Photoshop.

The example below was made mixing some effects of this plugin with the effects of the previous version, Animated Glitch 1.
​​It works also on images and logos with transparency channel; place any background after the playback of the action. Below an example with a time lapse video as background.


• Very easy to install and use, user friendly workflow.
• The animation is easily modifiable after the playback, make lots of variations in few clicks.​​​​​​​
• Well organized layer structure, easy to read, color-coded and grouped.
• Video tutorial and detailed text guide.
• Compatible with all CC versions of Photoshop.
• Multilingual, compatible with any language of Photoshop.
• This plug-in is designed to create content with a resolution that is within 100 and 2,500 pixels. 
e.g. The full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) is within this recommended range.

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