Create awesome artistic shots from your photos / images in few clicks! Save hours of work with this action, it’s easy to use just pick an image, brush the interested area and click play!
The action will automatically generate many graphics elements to work with, combine and tweak them to make lots of variations and give your personal touch!
Easy to use
Non destructive
Very well organized layers structure, color-coded and grouped
Fully editable
Text guide and detailed video walk through
Works with images between 1500 and 5000 pixels
Tested and working on the English version of Photoshop CS3 CS4, CS5, CS6, CC+.
If you're using Photoshop in another language This Video shows how to change it temporarily.
Photo Credits: Maksim Serikow – Marco di Grande – Pixabay – Flavio Grynszpan – Rick Nunn
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