Realistic Embroidery 3 – Photoshop Plugin

Transform your text, logo or shape into a realistic embroidered / stitched element in a few clicks.
This best selling action set gets a huge upgrade with this third release. Realistic Embroidery 3 is now a full fledged Photoshop plugin with an interface, improved workflow and a lot of new features that will make your digital sewing experience even better!
Check out the video tutorial!

Very easy to use
The new pdf guide and video tutorial will assist you throughout the whole process. 
Just load a file in Photoshop to install the plugin. All the preset files like brushes and styles are automatically loaded when the plugin is opened for the first time.
In three easy steps turn any text, logo or shape into a highly detailed embroidered element. The photorealistic clean effect and the high resolution make the output suitable for printing and many other uses.
Now with new tools
A whole new library of materials to choose from. Easily apply them to your embroidered elements to make their thread golden, shiny, beveled and much more. Also a library of fabric textures to add more variety to your images! 
Both materials and textures are fully editable.
Improved & highly customizable
Change colors, choose from a selection of borders, bevels, materials and textures to completely change the initial output! Now you can also customize the seam stitch size and get even more control over the final look of the effect.
Layers and smart objects have been re-organized for a better and faster editing process. The upgraded code and new interface will enhance your experience. Embroidering in Photoshop has never been more fun!

The plugin was developed and tested in a professional production environment and works on Adobe Photoshop versions CC2015.5, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021 both Windows and MacMultilingual design, it works with Photoshop in any language.
A must have tool - Try it now!
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