Toon Artist

Hi there! 
Here is an image processing action for Photoshop that I really enjoyed making, it turns your photos into cartoon style images.
The final result can be fully personalized using the tool-set of graphical elements and effects that the action generates, add, remove and modify them easily to create cool and unique compositionsHope you'll like it!

This plugin for Photoshop will allow you to turn the photo on the left into the image on the right in a matter of minutes


Toon Artist is designed with a beginner-friendly approach and it comes with a video walk-through to get you started, but it's level of depth and flexibility should make happy also more advanced users. 
Use it as a starting point to create wallpapers, cool posters of your friends and familyeye catching profile pictures and avatars, the uses are many. It will give your artworks that energetic and vibrant look.


The cartoon effect can be tuned manually and it works nicely on images with both a high or low level of detail

This action set is free on the new section of the Creative Cloud platform, Adobe Discover (previously Adobe Create). Link here:

Check out also my collection of Photoshop plugins on Graphicriver and Envato Elements.

If you share your work on Instagram please tag @adobecreate and also @blacknull_art ,I'll be more than happy to take a look at it! And who knows, if at Adobe Create they like your work, it might be even picked for a feature post or something else.
You can contact me also on Twitter and the other social networks linked below.

Nuwan Panditha - BlackNull

Thank you for the attention.
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